Both parties have awakened.

The man is a man, not a boy. He’s worked on or actively working on his inner shit and has made this his mission above all else.

The man leads. He cherry-picks the best of Game to maintain attraction, playfulness, and excitement with his woman. He mixes Game with romantic chivalry.

There is mutual respect, admiration, and support.

Sex is a natural byproduct of the couple’s intimacy.

There is open communication and tactful honesty.

Being with each other is easy and effortless 80% of the time. They work the rest out.

Both parties give each other space.

The woman is feminine. The man is masculine. The man leads. The woman follows.

Because he’s the leader and he wears the pants, the man has final say in decision-making. He takes her counsel and feedback but ultimately makes the decision based on all available information and his own masculine wisdom. The woman trusts in his masculine wisdom.

The man provides for his woman, meets her needs for exclusivity, safety, affection, attention, and security.

The man takes his leadership seriously and remains aware to avoid abusing his leadership.

The woman meets her man’s need for sexual release, female energy, and companionship.

Both parties clearly communicate their wants, needs, and expectations. They subsequently make efforts to meet each others’ needs.


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