Something for ladies already in a relationship with a man worth keeping.

  1. Don’t get fat. Be in the best shape you can be, for your own sake.
  2. Be a woman: embrace and celebrate your femininity. If you have to ask what this means, you have too much masculine energy. Cultivate your femininity so you can be the soft to his hard, the yin to his yang.
  3. Love your body. Feel and look sexy.
  4. Always look your best. If makeup helps you do this, then do it.
  5. Tease him sexually.
  6. Suck dick well and often. Lick his balls. Swallow. Lick his ass.
  7. Fuck well. Do anal as much as you can handle it. Enjoy sex as much as he does.
  8. Be fun to talk to, to hang out with. Don’t be dumb.
  9. Let him be the man in the relationship. Don’t lead; follow. Let him lead. Trust his masculine wisdom; if he doesn’t have any, he’s not a man yet—either leave and find a man, or stay and reap the consequences.

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