What A Woman Wants #1

Culled from first-hand accounts and personal observation:

  • A man—not a needy, validation-seeking, approval-seeking, clingy, desperate boy. A man who’s fun, witty, a man who’s a tease. But also a gentleman. Spontaneous. Confident.
  • A leader. “Having choices and making decisions creates stress. I just want to be taken care of and not have to think and obsess all the time.”
  • Exciting stories. Drama.
  • A challenge—“When he’s totally focused on me when we’re together then disappears.”
  • Cocky-funny
  • Good in bed
  • Space—“Hold on loosely but don’t let go.”
  • Comfort over attraction
  • Not the asshole but the confidence. The whole package.
  • Not a pussy
  • Feeling like a woman. Not having to be the man in the relationship.
  • To be teased [this tingles her vagina]
  • A man to be vulnerable to, be soft to, surrender to, give love to
  • A man who’ll take charge and “give her magical experiences” [more vagina tingles]