Text Game: “I want to get to know you first…”

Me: Hey are u back

Yet Another Chick, mid-30s: “Nope. I get back on Tuesday. What’s up?”

Class tonight…I’ll hit you up again when you’re back

“Fun! Where? What level?”

Studio A, intermediate, but I can do beginner with you

“Good, you know I’m a beginner!”

We’ll have fun either way

“Yes, we will!”

Remember to drink water

“Water? Why that reminder?”

I was being facetious

“Got it 🙂 Makes more sense. Hard to decipher text sarcasm when I don’t know you very well. I’ll drink plentyyy of water.”

You may assume irony, sarcasm, and puns henceforth. No booty calls or texts yet, I want to get to know you first before I give you my awesome lovin

“How does one text eye roll?”


“Flirtily give a sarcastic eye roll? Hmm.”

And a body roll