Flatter The Cockblocker

Met a young woman, Japanese, at Segway tour office.

Her: “I’m a tour guide here, but only for Japanese customers.”

Me: “That’s great. I’ll go on your tour next time. I’m not Japanese.”

Her: [laughs]

Me: “But I can learn Japanese from you.”

I paid for my tour, said goodbye, and ate next door.

They were closing and she started sweeping outside the office. She readily came to my table when I called her and ate some of my chicken.

I got her name and suggested we hang out later. Her body language indicated interest but she didn’t give a positive answer.

A few minutes later, she returned and said sorry, she has another appointment.

I could tell she was lying but probably still wanted to go.

I came back to the office and told her boss that I’ll take her back at a reasonable time. Boss lady said no, they’re having dinner tonight.

Next time I’ll push more and flatter the cockblocking boss lady.

My intuition says 1) young woman is staying with boss lady, 2) boss lady didn’t trust me, 3) young woman probably has to work the next day and thus can’t stay out late, 4) boss lady didn’t want to deal with young woman coming home late.

Or they really are having dinner tonight.