What not to do with women (and what to do instead)

Ask her if she’s ok with you taking back what you loaned her. (Take it back when you need it.)

Ask her what she wants to do after work. (Decide what you want to do and tell her she can join you if she’s up for it.)

Change your evening plans to accommodate hers. (Do what’s best for you that night.)

Open her car door if you work with her. (Open her car door if you’re fucking her.)

Help her with her food at work lunch. (She’s not a child.)

Say aloud with her and your coworkers present that you asked her out dancing but she said no. (Learn to read women, especially when they’re not into you. In a work situation, keep it professional when others are present.)

Spend more money on her when it’s clear neither of you are sexually attracted to each other. (Tell her to come see you and hang out; don’t go see her.)