Beta traces

Went to a pub mixer, practice mode.

What I did right:

  1. Warmed up (unintentionally) at store next door– talked to Egyptian lady with cool name who looks and sounds Hispanic; she thought I had great style and that I should be a designer, not a boring fill-in-the-blank. While she was showing me handcrafted soap, I leaned in and smelled her (“Is that you or is it the soap?”) then pulled back.
  2. Walked in the pub with a friendly, open vibe; introduced myself to the first table, sat relaxed, and settled in.
  3. Maintained upbeat, fun attitude.
  4. Ate big steak and drank red wine (subliminally: “Yeah, this is how a man dines”).
  5. Teased blonde who sat next to me. Let her talk more and used her stories to tease her.
  6. Ignored or only mildly acknowledged hotter chick next to blonde who was talking to relentless nerdy guy and tried to insert herself in my conversation with blonde chick.
  7. Ignored two boring chicks in front of me who didn’t respond well to teasing.

What I’ll do next time:

  1. Keep eyes away from conspicuous boobs. Ladies, if you don’t want guys staring at your rack, please cover them up.
  2. Sit in between the two chicks.
  3. Go for the guaranteed hookup even if she’s not as hot (the blonde was clearly having fun talking to me and was mirroring me towards the end).
  4. Maintain high value by not approaching hottie you ignored all night, especially if she’s already traded digits with relentless nerdy guy.
  5. Exit early. Don’t linger. Lingering = creepy. Exiting decisively = alpha.

LL Keep teasing. #1 job is tease. Do push-pull next time.