In order of importance, I want a woman who:

  1. Is feminine. She has no (or very little) masculine energy. She’s the soft to my hard, the yin to my yang; and she wants to be that way. I lead, she follows.
  2. Is hot. She works out regularly. She’s not fat, she’s not thin—she’s fit. She passes my boner test. I want to fuck her every time I see her.
  3. Has long hair (ideally, generally; long hair is a femininity/fertility marker).
  4. Knows how to walk in heels if she likes wearing them. Her hips sway in such a way that oozes “woman”; she doesn’t walk like she’s a tranny.
  5. Dresses to enhance her femininity but not like a slut and she knows what that line is.
  6. Loves getting fucked—only by me. She’s open and comfortable in bed, with her body, with her sexuality, but she’s not a slut. She doesn’t do one night stands, she doesn’t make out with random dudes at the bar, she doesn’t put out too early.
  7. Has interesting things to say. She doesn’t bore me with the minutiae of her daily working day or retarded gossip about her girl friends.
  8. Does things for me because she’s thoughtful and kindhearted. They don’t have to be big things, but they show that she cares about me.

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