A man:

  • Knows and loves himself better than anyone
  • Builds and maintains his physical and mental fitness
  • Is at peace with himself and seeks no external validation
  • Feels deeply but is master of his emotions
  • Dedicates himself to his life’s mission and hobbies
  • Lives his life his way
  • Knows and does/gets what he wants
  • Reflects, decides based on his own inner wisdom, acts, and lives with the consequences
  • Sees and appreciates beauty in life
  • Seeks and practices wisdom
  • Maintains at least one emotionally honest relationship with a trusted male friend
  • Shares his deepest emotions only with his closest male friends, not his woman
  • Is never desperate, clingy, or needy
  • Freely and fully loves others
  • Celebrates his masculine energy
  • Protects his boundaries
  • Weathers his woman’s storms and calmly guides her back to shore
  • Ravishes his woman
  • Leads—himself, his woman, his family
  • Doesn’t seek war but is always ready for it
  • Faces his fears head-on
  • Does not take things personally
  • Does not ask for permission and instead does what he thinks is right
  • Clearly, calmly, and assertively communicates his wants and expectations. Punishes violations of his expectations in escalating severity until dysfunctional behavior is corrected.
  • Makes order out of the chaos that is life—first in every facet of his life (fitness/health, work, money, time management, getting things done, delaying gratification, etc.) and only then, in the lives of his woman and his children.

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