1. Make and maintain eye contact. Never look downward. Let the other person avert their gaze first.
  2. Walk with erect posture. Chest out, shoulders back.
  3. Walk slowly with measured steps, like you own the joint.
  4. Speak slowly. Pause for effect.
  5. Speak with a deep tone.
  6. Speak loudly.
  7. Smile. Radiate positive, happy, friendly energy.
  8. Turn your head slowly.
  9. Firmly shake hands. When faced with a dominant shaker, disarm the dominance play by warmly clasping his hand with your left.
  10. Confidently initiate touching with a woman and gauge her reaction. Escalate accordingly.
  11. End all interactions first.
  12. Ignore questions you don’t like.
  13. Lead the interaction.

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