Blue Pill words of advice from an older married man to then-beta Wolf, at the time contemplating divorce—

This is YOUR problem.

Get your shit together. Kick your own ass. You’re not 22. We’re not in college anymore.

Your cards have been dealt. Life sucks. It’s hard. Suck it up. [Deal with it and stay married.]

Make it work for a while. I’ve been through the same.

You’ve invested several years. You don’t have a good reason to quit.

She’s your wife. It’s not a horrible situation.

She’s a great girl. I’m impressed with her. Other people are miserable to be with. [He had no idea how batshit cray she was.]

You’re in an emotional state of mind. You’re being immature, irresponsible. You have a nonchalant, negative energy. You’re being careless. But everyone’s gone through this.

Stimulate yourself otherwise. Find hobbies. [Distract yourself from the reality of your failed marriage.]

I doubt you’ll be better off elsewhere. All women will eventually want to have three kids. You’ll have the same emotional problems. She won’t fulfill everything.

By the grace of Zeus I ended that miserable marriage and left with half my assets. Getting married was the worst decision I’ve ever made.


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