Women, generally, never directly say what they want. It’s part of how they’re wired / conditioned.

Sometimes they don’t know what they want (lack of awareness);
sometimes what they say they want is not at all what they truly want (lack of logic);
sometimes they don’t feel comfortable enough to say it (cultural, societal or family-of-origin programming);
sometimes they expect men to read their minds (part of game);
and often, the black/white logic that’s natural to men is lacking in women (part of how they’re wired) so they can’t “organize” their thoughts and feelings and lucidly communicate what’s going on internally.

Women will imply, drop hints, whine, nag, bitch and moan, but never tell you directly. This is called “opening the door”she’s inviting you in. Part of a man’s job is to be aware and see that the door is open, and walk in if that’s what he wants to do or determines he should do.

You’re not really “reading her mind”, you’re being aware and observant of her body language, her tone of voice, her behavior. In “chase game” (seduction of a prospect), you get laid by leading the interaction (display of value, kino, escalation) and flowing with her hints and tells. In “relationship game”, you maintain your leadership position and peace in the relationship by leading (e.g. “read her mind” and act accordingly).

Of course, our lives as men would be easier if women said directly what they wanted. But that’s not how it is, and it’s not changing, for as long as men have penises and women have vaginas.

Men lead, women follow, the end. That’s how we’re built, that’s how we’re attracted to the other, that’s how we keep a relationship.

Our job as men is to be leaders, to be stabilizers, to make order out of the chaos that is lifefirst in every facet of our own lives (fitness/health, work, money, time management, getting shit done, delaying gratification, etc.) and only then, in the lives of our women and our children. This requires self-control; self-discipline; and most importantly, awareness (of our own selves, and only then, of others).

A man’s in-born logic and capacity for orderliness are his gifts and his legacy (see all the inventors and authors who ever lived) and these attract women to men. What women really want (and need) for themselves and their children is order and safety in their lives; a man leads them to these.

Here’s an actual quote from a woman in her 30s: “If he can’t take care of himself, how can he take care of me?” Subtext: “If he can’t lead himself, how can he lead me and my children, and why should I respect him?”


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