Be Whole

From my sibling’s friend, female, early 30s:

  1. Be whole. Learn to be happy alone.
  2. Be clear and honest about what you want out of it, and tell her.
  3. Expect good things not to last.
  4. Date only when you’re ready (see #1) and you see a purpose in dating (see #8).
  5. Don’t be clingy or needy. Give her space.
  6. Don’t force physical intimacy when there isn’t any. You can try to spark it but if she’s not responding, stop. Move on.
  7. Cut it off before it gets too heavy and you start losing awareness.
  8. If people are replaceable, there’s no point to dating.
  9. Have balls.
  10. If you want to get to know someone, don’t ask questions, see how she acts.