Traveling Cougar

After work, I went to the hotel lobby, got wine and hung around. L the traveling businesswoman walked in, checked out the food, and left.

She came back and talked to an older gentleman. I went up to the bar next to them, got water, and returned to my corner. The gentleman left. I took a few minutes to gather my wits and approached.

I opened her (“You mentioned you work for blah^3; tell me about it”) and off we were. Small talk. She told me about good wine, wineries, etc.

She mentioned she loved the hotel jacuzzi.


We agreed to check it out. I paid for our drinks while she asked the staff to open the pool since it was past hours. We went up to our rooms and changed into swimwear.

She wore a two-piece. Nice body. We got in the tub and I promptly closed in. Massaged her feet, touched her body. Leaned in for a kiss but she didn’t kiss me back.

We went in the pool for a short swim then back in the tub. More touching. I said, “let’s relax in my room”. She said, “a few more minutes”. Then we were off.

I threw her on the bed and went downtown. She loved it and complimented my skills. But as soon as she came, she left. “I’m so sorry, you’re so sweet, but I have to go.”

While I was working on L, I got a random text and call from P, a young lady I met at a bookstore back home. I texted her back and she called. I busted her on ruining my night. I tried to schedule a meetup with her but she refused.